A.M. Arkhipov, MPEI (TU); A.A. Vagner, OJSC “RAO UES of Russia”; N.I. Solovyev, OJSC CKB “Energoremont”;

V.V. Abramov, OJSC “Zapadno-Sibirskaya TPP”

In 2003 a low-cost reconstruction of BKZ-210-140F boiler of “Zapadno-Sibirskaya TPP” was carried out. Its goal was to increase the economical efficiency and dependability of kuznetsky coal combustion with the changing volatile content, as well as to stabilize a level of the superheated steam, and reduce specific emissions of nitrogen oxides. This boiler was equipped with four tangentially directed burners, like a "layer cake", set in the corner zones of the side furnace walls.