V. Levchenko, The Industrial - Building Association Teplit Ltd, Ekaterinburg, Russia

 The main directions for the protection of the environment are a course on the introduction of non-waste technology and the use of secondary resources. The acute problem of nowadays is the utilization of industrial wastes, a significant proportion of those are ash and slag from solid fuels. At the same time ash and slag are environmentally friendly mineral products that can replace natural materials. To date, 1.5 billion tons of ash waste has been accumulated in ash dumps of Russian Power Plants. Dumps area reaches 28 hectares (comparable with the territory of Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk). Only 8% (2.1 million tons) of the annual output of ash wastes are recycled and used. If this trend continues, by 2020 the volume of accumulated ash wastes exceeds 1.75 billion tons. Meanwhile, The Industrial - Building Association Teplit Ltd in practice, successfully implementing the processing of fly ash and produces on its base quality building materials.