М.P. Rogankov, E.E. Мikushevitch, V.M. Mikushevitch, Ecopolis ltd, Мoscow, Russia

 Among renewables being intensively developed, wind power sector takes the leading position. In 2013 total capacity of all of the renewables (except all hydro) achieved 560 GWe, including wind power plants making 318 GWe (or 57 % of all renewables without hydro). In 2012 capacity of wind power plants constituted 283 GWe, i.е. during one year an increase by 12 % was achieved. In this article technological aspects and information on equipment for wind power plants are presented. It is done with sectioning the article into grid connected, autonomous and hybrid plants as of 2013. In this article the materials from the first version of section 8 “Renewables” of Information Electronic Constantly Updated Open System “The Best Available and Perspective Nature Protection Technologies in the Russian Power Industry” of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (http://osi.ecopower.ru), prepared by JSC ENIN and actual materials have been used.