V.А. Vasilyev, B.V. Tarnizhevskiy, OJSC “ENIN”

During the last decade wind-power engineering is intensively developing in a number of countries. Total capacity of wind-electrical installations (WEIs) all over the world reaches 50 GW, including about 20 GW only in Germany. In a number of countries new industry of power-mechanical engineering is created, it is wind-power mechanical engineering. This industry ensures the mentioned rapid growth of wind-power engineering. World market of wind-power engineering equipment was formed.

In foreign countries the basic method of WEI application is their parallel operation with power network. A block-diagram of network WEIs is shown in fig. 8.6. Such technology allows dampening the capacity change of wind-power installations in the power system, connected with wind speed variation, and complete using of energy, generated by these installations. However, at growth of WEI capacity share higher than by 10…15 %, the power system could lose its sustainability.