М.P. Rogankov, E.E. Мikushevitch, V.M. Mikushevitch, Ecopolis ltd, Мoscow, Russia

 Geothermal sources of energy production are the matter of interest for a long time; however, due to different reasons, the main of which is their location close to natural geothermal sources, meanwhile they show comparatively small share of energy production in the whole balance of renewables. Capacities of all of renewables (without all hydro) in 2013 constituted 560 GWe, and only 12 GWe (or 2,1 %) refer to geothermal power plants (GPPs). Attractiveness of geothermal sources is substantiated by comparatively simple extraction or just availability of steam-and-water mixture or hot water, somewhat ready for further utilization for energy supply purpose.