Shmigol I.N., JSC "VTI" Ammonia-cyclical technology

A chemical basis for this technology is a balanced reaction between the saluted sulfite and ammonium bisulfite and sulfur dioxide, removed from the furnace gases:

(NH4)2SO3 + SO2 + H2O = 2NH4HSO3. Magnesite cyclical technology

The essence of magnesite cyclical technology lays in binding of sulfur dioxide by a slurry of magnesium oxide:

MgO + SO2 = MgSO3. Natrium sulfite-bisulphite technology

This method (also called - Wellman-Lord process) is similar to the ammonia-cyclical, but instead of ammonium salts, sulfurous natrium salts are used:

SO2 + Na2SO3 + H2O = 2NaHSO3.