D. Brandenburger, BauMineral GmbH, Herten, Germany

 Over the past years hard coal fly ash produced in accordance with EN 450 has been successfully used in Germany and other European countries. More than 75 % of the annually produced 4.0 million tonnes of hard coal fly ash in Germany has been processed in cement bound building materials. The market for such products is today very stable. A decisive fact for this development was that the supply of hard coal fly ash always met the market needs in both quality and quantity. Beyond that there are other factors which influenced the utilisation of hard coal fly ash. Not only in Germany but also everywhere in the world the technical advantages of hard coal fly ash in cement bond building materials are very well known. Nevertheless, it seems to be not possible to utilize hard coal fly ash everywhere and to avoid landfilling. This experience report delivers an insight which factors played an important role in the development of marketing in Germany.