H.-J. Feuerborn —European Coal Combustion Products Association e.V (ECOBA), Essen, Germany

A. Saraber, J. van den Berg —Vliegasunie b.v., The Netherlands

The utilisation of Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) in Europe is based on requirements in standards and national legislation which are subject to regular revision by CEN or national authorities. The European standard EN 450-1 has recently been revised and will be published soon. The revision result particularly in the increase of the maximum amount of co-combustion materials, the deletion of the lower limit value of the categories for LOI classes B and C as well as modifications for require-ments of parameters and for test procedures, especially regarding wet and dry sieving. Also the standards for hydraulic road binders (EN 13282) and hydraulically bound mixtures (EN 14227) are under revision.