V.Y. Putilov, I.V. Putilova, Е.A. Malikova, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Moscow, Russia

 Due to the increased technological impact on environment, a coal ash handling problem becomes more acute, and it’s both a regional and a global one. At many Russian thermal power plants (TPPs) ash lagoons are close to their design filling, forcing power utilities to address the problem of coal ash handling.

Without the involvement of relevant scientific organizations, engaged in a system solution to coal ash handling problems, the staff of power plants and energy companies is not able to cope with the problem. Such organizations should be involved in activity at all phases of the project implementation, starting from development of the Technical Enquiry for running tender procedures for reconstruction of the existing and creation of the new ash removal systems (ARSs) at TPPs. Compulsory expertise of technical solutions at all phases of the project implementation is to be entered into the practice.