I.V. Gurina, N.А. Ivanova, P.А. Mikheyev, Novocherkassk State Land Reclamation Academy, Novocherkassk, Russia

V.G. Lukianov, A.N. AntonenkoNovocherkasskaya SDPP – a branch office of the “WGC-2”, Novocherkassk, Russia

 A system of monitoring indices for biological recultivation that includes observations of phytocenosis forming processes and changes taking place in the recultivative layer is proposed. The results of monitoring of biological recultivation for the second section of Novocherkasskaya SDPP ash disposal area using the proposed system of indices are given. For the period of 2005-2012 the successful growth and development of plants in grass mixture “Hungarian sainfoin + coach grass + awnless bromegrass” used for grassing down as well as substantial increase in biotic diversity of vegetation and settling down of fauna that was lacking earlier were stated. The monitoring results allowed to make a conclusion about proceeding positive processes stimulating accumulation of organic matter in the recultivative layer. Decrease in pH values and the content of heavy metals in the recultivative layer was established that is a positive factor achieved as a result of biological recultivation being carried out.