I.V. Gurina, N.А. Ivanova, Novocherkassk State Land Reclamation Academy, Novocherkassk, Russia

Ye.А. Lysenko, Novocherkasskaya SDPP – a branch office of the “WGC-2”, Novocherkassk, Russia

 The results of biological conservation for the first section of Novocherkasskaya SDPP ash disposal area are given. On the grounds of carried out laboratory experiments in vegetative vessels for phytoamelioration during biological conservation for the first section of ash disposal area a perennial four-component grass mixture of melilot + awnless bromegrass + burnet + Hungarian sainfoin was recommended. This grass mixture was sown in the second 10-day period of April 2011. To the middle of vegetation good sod formation for the first section surface of Novocherkasskaya SDPP ash dump was observed and this made it possible to stop dusting and eliminate from water and wind erosion owing to developing and rooted plants of the perennial grass mixture that provided for grassing-down the recultivated area.