A. Szymkiewicz, A. Fraś, R. Przystaś, Tauron Group PKW SA, Jaworzno, Poland

J. J. Hycnar, Ecocoal CC, Katowice, Poland

T. Józefiak, Eko Invest, Bukowno, Poland

I. Baic, Centre of Waste and Environment Management IMBiGS, Katowice, Poland

In coal-mining industry a major environmental and economical problem are mining wastes. Particularly troublesome, due to their consistency, are the coal slimes. In this form they are difficult to be managed, as well as to be safely stored. More often coal slimes are granulated using quicklime or hydrated lime.

The studies and tests conducted on industrial installations have shown that the traditional lime binders can be replaced by combustion by-products containing active compounds of calcium.  Application of fluidized bed combustion ash (FBC ash) allows receiving granulated slimes of physicochemical properties that meet the requirements of low-calorific fuels, as well as a component of fuel blends. The granulated slimes with grinded bottom ash from fluidized bed boilers (FCB bottom ash) have shown the highest mechanical resistance to the weather conditions, transport and storage.