L.D. Danilin1, V.S. Drozhzhin1, M.D. Kuvaev1, N.V. Maximova1, I.V. Pikulin1, S.A. Redyushev1, M.Y. Shpirt2
Russian Federal Nuclear Center — All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics, Sarov, Russia (1)
Institute of Combustible Resources — Science and Technology Center for Combined Processing of Solid Combustible Resources, Moscow, Russia (2)

 A progressive tendency in material-consuming branches of industry is transformation of industrial wastes into the raw materials appropriate for industrial implementation. It can be fully referred to the microspheres from fly ash that can be considered as a side industrial product from operation of electric power stations. In the period of time since 1996 till 2002 specialists from RFNC-VNIIEF carried out technical monitoring at the electric power stations in the Russian Federation related to microspheres from the fly ash. The main goal of the monitoring was analysis of microsphere formation processes at the ash dumps of the electric power stations and study of the basic consumer properties of microspheres. As a result, they accumulated a summarized large material arranged now in the form of a computer program called «Ash Microspheres of the Russian Federation. Database» Thanks to the favorable combination of technical and commercial parameters microspheres of fly ash can be used in creation of various functional materials, including filled composites on the basis of inorganic and organic binders.