Irina Putilova, Viacheslav Putilov, .MPEI (TU)

In the paper data on the basic coal ranks burnt at the Russian TTPs, boiler types, chemical and mineralogical composition of the produced ash and slag and volumes of their formation are resulted. The data on ash and slag landfilling and their beneficial use in various branches of economy: road construction, manufacture of concrete and cement are presented. In Russia about 85 % of ash and slag from TPPs are transported by hydraulic ash removal systems, and only about 15 % are disposed using pneumatic ash removal systems. However, a transfer from "wet" to "dry" ash and slag conveying systems for the purpose of using these products in a dry condition, is now planned. In the paper the Russian standard GOST 25818-91 on ash in concrete is resulted, and also the comparative analysis of GOST and the European standard EN 450 is made. The example of quality management of ash at the arrangement of the staged combustion system at pulverized coal combustion (PCC) boilers is also considered. In the paper technologies applied for using ash and slag from TPPs are reflected: pilot installations for brick manufacture from ash and slag, installations for ash and slag benefication.