I.V. Putilova, V.Y. Putilov, A.R. Khasyanshina, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Russia

 The article provides brief results of analyzing the studies of various modes of pneumatic conveying of fine polydisperse bulk solids, presented in Russian and foreign sources of scientific and technical information. The following modes have been considered: plug flow, dilute- and dense-phase conveying with significantly different velocities of the flow, conveying of fine materials with particles of various sizes and geometric shape - from spherical to plate, sharp-cornered and even shell-acute. The results of analysis of pneumatic conveying technologies used in the energy sector of Russia and world-wide are described. The paper contains brief results of analyzing the research presented in scientific and technical information sources relating to definition of the shape and polydispersity of particles of fine polydisperse materials.