V.V. Biryukov, V.G. Lukyanov, Y.А. Lysenko, Novocherkasskaya SDPP - a branch of the JSC "WGC-6", Russia

I.V. Gurina, N.А. Ivanova - Novocherkassk State Meliorative Academy, Russia

 The results of biological recultivation for the second worked off section of ash disposal area of Novocherkasskaya SDPP are given. Agrotechnical survey of ash disposal area estimated that its natural overgrowing was lacking and a biological stage of recultivation for forming anthropotolerant phytosenosis is necessary. To determine the most adapted species of plants suitable for forming stable phytocenosis on ash disposal area laboratory experiments in vegetative vessels were carried out. These experiments made it possible to determine the possibility of growing grass mixture of coach grass + awnless brome + Hungarian sainfoin on ash disposal area and to substantiate scientifically seeding rates for grasses, rates of fertilizer usage and sowing terms as well.