A.M. Beloshitskiy, E.N. Ilyin, A.S. ProkopyevEnergohimkomlect ltd, Chelyabinsk, Russia

F.L. Manturov, JSC Chelyabinsk Zink Plant, Chelyabinsk, Russia

 Abrasive wear of pipelines contributes significant share to operating cost of industrial hydro- and pneumatic systems and facilities for transport of abrasive materials (sand, cement, ash, slags and etc.) that, in particular relates to dust preparation and ash and slag removal system of coal-fired TPP. The usage of abrasion-resistant materials in the manufacture of those pipelines is one of the ways to increase their resistance. The comparison of three materials for the manufacturing of abrasion-resistant pipelines - wear-resistant steels, stone casting and corundum aluminothermic coating shows the significant advantage of the latter. Except the best wear resistance, the pipes with aluminothermic coating can be connected by electric welding, that allows making shaped pipelines.