N.A. Zroychikov, I.V. Galas, E.A. Morozova, CHPP-23 of JSC “Mosenergo”, Moscow, Russia

M.G. Lyskov, MPEI, Moscow, Russia

 The article shows that an integrated approach to addressing environmental safety issues in combination with the measures for increasing the efficiency, reliability and resource-saving, provides a high efficiency at minimum cost.

Steam boilers of TGMP-314C type for T-250-240 units have been installed at CHPP-23 in 1970s…1980s of the last century. The main feature of the design of these gas-oil direct flow boilers of supercritical pressure was installation of four cyclone furnace extensions at the front and back walls of the furnace. As envisioned by MO CKTI designers, cyclone furnace extensions contribute to the intensification of the combustion process (fuel oil) due to intensive mixing with the air and presence of the carborundum coating on the inner surface of furnace extensions. However, experience of long-term operation has shown that the boilers of this modification have problems with reliability, and don’t meet the modern requirements for emissions of harmful substances into the environment.