Putilov V.Y., Arkhipov A.V., Putilova I.V. — National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Moscow, Russia

Influence of technologies of pulverized coal combustion in power boilers on loss on ignition (L.O.I.) in fly ash and NOX emissions is considered. In the paper attention is paid to burning of Kuznetsky coal of the main ranks in different boilers of steam capacity of 50 to 950 t/h. At combustion of design Kuznetsky coal at these power plants L.O.I. in fly ash can reach 25 % that exceeds the standards for using fly ash by 5 times despite of the fact the standards for unburnt carbon are mostly met. By that, specific emissions of nitrogen oxides without implementation of expensive DeNOx measures make up to 1600 mg/m3 that is also several times more than the normative values. The paper contains the basic technical solutions and recommendations on arrangement of effective pulverized staged combustion of Kuznetsky coal of unsteady quality for maximum reduction of L.O.I. in fly and bottom ash as well as for achievement of specific nitrogen oxides emissions below the norms without constructing the costly DeNOx installations.