Putilov V.Y., Arkhipov А.M., Putilova I.V., Uchevatov А.V. , Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)

Roor А.V., Open JSC “Yuzhno-Kuzbasskaya Power Company” , Tashtagol city

 Influence of the pulverized coal combustion technologies in power boilers on NOх emissions and loss on ignition (L.O.I.) in fly ash is considered. The special attention in the paper is given to the issues concerning combustion of Kuznetsky coal of the main ranks in different boilers of capacity from 210 to 950 t/h. At combustion of the rated Kyznetsky coal at TPPs, specific nitrogen oxide emissions make 1200…1500 mg/m3 that is from 2 to 4 times higher than the normative values depending on the boiler capacity. Thus, L.O.I. in fly ash can reach 25 %, that is also 5 times more than in the specifications on ash use in spite of the fact that requirements on the unburnt carbon are in most cases satisfied.