Ilyin E.T., CJSC “Integrated power systems”

The operational quality of gland seals depends, substantially, on the surface purity, first of all, of accessory rods in the zone of their contact with gland packing. One of the most common reasons of pureness disturbance for the sealing surfaces of rods is the corrosion, which appears in the places of rod contacts with sealing material of gland stuffing. The corrosion phenomenon is observed, in the most cases, for such sealing materials as AG-50, AG-1, AGI, AS etc., which are widely used in electric power industry and which use as a basis the khrizotyl-asbestos. At that the main corrosion faults often take place still at the stage of transportation and storage of accessories, i.e. before its maintenance. The corrosion process begins just after the factory test of accessories, when the process water comes into the gland chamber, and this water contains a considerable amount of ions.