Agababov V.S., Koryagin А.V.; MPEI(TU)

 Recently in the U.S., countries of the Western Europe and South-East Asia expander-generating apparatuses (EGAs) gained a wide application. They are installations which allow generating electricity and in some cases also generating heat and cold, using the technological pressure drop at natural gas conveying. Today there are more than 200 installations with the unit capacity from 250 to 7000 kW. The first operational experience of such apparatus is gained in our country at the installation, which includes two apparatuses EGA-5000 of the total capacity of 10 MW (two apparatuses by 5 MW each) and which successfully operates during 10 years at CHPP-21 of the JSC “Mosenergo". The installation with a nominal capacity of 11,5 MW is commissioned at Sredne-Uralskaya SDPP. Several apparatuses operate at power plants of the Republic of Belarus, including Lukomlskaya SDPP