Nature protection technologies

About the Informational System


In May 2010  Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) received the status of the National Research University. Administration of MPEI(TU) working out the program of MPEI development has included the proposal of the Informational and Analytic Centre “Ecology in Power Engineering” of MPEI (IACEE MPEI) on creation of "Informational Electronic Constantly Updated Open System “The Best Available and Perspective Nature Protection Technologies in the Russian Power Industry” (OIS BAT) in Russian and English. The work on creation of the System was performed in 2010-2011. The initiator and scientific superviser of the project on creation and maintainance of OIS BAT was Director of IACEE MPEI V. Putilov.  Executor of OSI creation was JSC "Ekopolis".

OIS BAT is registered in the Rospatent of the RF as a Data Base.

A main objective of the system creation is informational support of nature protection activity in power sector for the following:

  • implementation of ecologically and economically effective nature protection policy;
  • training, improvement of professional skill and professional retraining of experts from power companies in high schools and other educational institutions according to the state-of-the-art requirements in the field of protection of environment from the man-made impact of the power objects. 

OIS BAT contributes into the following:

  • online acquaintance of any Russian or foreign user with the constantly updated information on development, introduction and use of nature protection equipment and technologies in the Russian power sector and all over the world;
  • open informational exchange on ecology in power engineering between the Russian and foreign experts;
  • free access of students from educational institutions, listeners of professional skill improvement and retraining programs, pupils and other groups of users interested in getting information on nature protection problems in power engineering and ways of their solution;
  • formation of a favorable image of Russia in the field of environmental protection all over the world due to maximum open objective informing the world community on activity of the Russian power companies on solution of ecological problems on the basis of the best available nature protection technologies and use of by-products of organic fuel combustion replacing natural raw materials. 

The data placed in OIS BAT are and will be a result of conducting the system researches of domestic and foreign experience on solution of ecological problems.

Sources of information are as follows:

  • results of the system researches on various aspects of ecological problems in power engineering, represented by the authors to the Editorial Board of the system;
  • proceedings of international and Russian workshops and conferences on ecology in power engineering,
  • expert analytic materials on different directions of nature protection activity.

Information is intended, first of all, for the technical officers engaged in designing, adjustment, operation and supervision of power equipment operation at power utilities and companies of the fuel and energy complex, housing and communal services and other branches of economy. The materials resulted in OIS BAT, are also intended for students of high schools as the handbook on nature protection technologies in power engineering. The site can be useful to experts from nature protection bodies and other interested persons.

The materials, placed in OIS BAT, are selected by the Editorial Board, formed from the authoritative experts in various directions of nature protection activity in power engineering.

A format of representation of new materials in the field of the state-of-the-art best available and perspective nature protection technologies in power industry for consideration of their placing in OIS BAT could be found here.

A form of the authors’ Permission to place the materials in OIS BAT is resulted here.

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