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8.3.5. Analytics


8.3. Solar power plants and heat supply system

8.3.5. Analytics Overview of development of solar power plants and heat supply systems as of 2014

М.P. Rogankov, E.E. Мikushevitch, V.M. Mikushevitch, Ecopolis ltd, Мoscow, Russia

 There is a boom of development of solar sources of electrical and thermal energy. Total capacity of renewables (without hydro) in the world in 2013 constituted 560 GWe, including photoelectric converters – 139 GWe (or 25 %), and also solar concentrators – 2,5 GWe. In 2013 the increase of photovoltaics constituted 38 GWe (or +37,6 %). Annually 7…9 GWe of photovoltaics are installed in China, in 2013 this indicator achieved 11,3 GWe. Japan is number 2 in introducing solar power plants; in the country 6,9 GWe was achieved. There solar roof panels for heat supply are mainly implemented, and more and more large-scale photovoltaic complexes are introduced. The world leader in the amount of solar power plants is Germany, the total capacity of which reaches 36 GWe.