Nature protection technologies

Investigation of particle size distribution of ashes and powders

In 2011 in frames of the MPEI development program IACEE MPEI bought the Automated mobile laboratory facilities for studying the particle size distribution of bulk solids with the definition of a shape factor of particles of 0,5 microns to 2 mm. Time for investigating one probe is several minutes.
Scientific and educational automated plant for studying the particle size distribution of TPP coal dust, fly ash and pulverized bottom ash, as well as other fine bulk solids can be used in research projects at:
  • developing the technical proposals for arrangement of efficient combustion of solid fuels in coal-fired boilers and creation of reliable, economically effective and environmentally friendly ash removal systems at TPPs;
  • studying the particle size distribution and the factor of a form of particles of different fine bulk solids at the modern level in all sectors of the economy.
Use in the educational programs:
  • when teaching the relevant disciplines in frames of undergraduate and graduate programs in MPEI, at preparation of training materials for teaching these disciplines;
  • in the system of vocational education of listeners of professional re-training and professional skill improvement programs in CPPEE MPEI.

IACEE MPEI staff passed the training on using the laboratory facilities for investigation of particle size distribution and the shape of ash and powder particles (certificate of Putilov V.Y., certificate of Putilova I.V.).

 We are ready to conduct investigations of the particle size distribution of various fine bulk solids on requests of Customers!