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About possibilities of using the pilot system for distance audiovisual training in CPPEE MPEI
Friday, 15 April 2011 16:21

In May 2010 Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) received the status of the National Research University and got the financing from the budget. According to the program of MPEI development under proposal of CPPEE MPEI, creation of the pilot system for distance audiovisual learning (pilot system of DL) in CPPEE MPEI for the programs on improvement of professional skill and professional retraining of employees from power industry was provided.


The main purpose of creating the pilot system of DL is its application in the system of additional professional education under the programs on professional retraining and skill development of the listeners in CPPEE MPEI on-site and off-site, leaving outside of Moscow and Moscow Region.


The feature of this system is online audiovisual contact of two parties - audience and the teacher. The only requirement to be met by the counterpart is availability of the equipped workplace including: a workstation with the preinstalled software, a graphic tablet; video cameras with the microphone, audio columns and a screen. The workplace could be set “on a turn-key basis" under the contract or equipped including the preinstalled multimedia by employees of the Customer in the conference hall or a boardroom of the Customer up to the required level. A question on creation of the workplace for remote audiovisual learning at the Customer’s side is individually discussed on demand.


Use of the pilot system for additional vocational education results in the quality training of the listeners leaving outside of Moscow and Moscow Region, on-site at work, and also allows to cut the accompanying expenses connected with training of employees: travel costs, accommodation expenses, payment of daily allowances and others expenses.


The list of programs on improvement of professional skill and professional retraining is available at here. The leading experts of the Russian power industry teach the listeners of CPPEE MPEI.


We are ready to consider your proposals on educating the employees in CPPEE MPEI using the pilot system of remote audiovisual training.