Nature protection technologies Ash and slag lagoons


3.2. Ash and slag handling systems at TPPs

3.2.5. Ash and slag disposal sites

Ash and slag disposal sites are intended for long storage (disposing) of a part of ash and slag unclaimed by consumers. Ashes and slags are disposed in the form of slurries at constructed surface ash and slag lagoons or dry ash and slag landfills. Mines and open cast mines can be also used as ash disposal sites. Here only surface ash and slag disposal sites are considered. Ash and slag lagoons are complicated hydraulic engineering constructions. Ash and slag lagoons

Putilov V.Y., MPEI(TU); Vishnya B.L., UralORGRES

Ash and slag lagoons (inwash ash disposal sites) are characterized by high breakdown rates as in Russia (according to investigations conducted by the firm “ORGRES” in 1970-1980-ties up to 70 % of ash and slag lagoons were in the emergency condition), and in other countries.