Nature protection technologies Low Excess Air - LEA


1.1. Nitrogen oxide emission reduction

1.1.2. Technological methods for reduction of nitrogen oxide formation in boilers at combustion

of different types of organic fuel Regime and commissioning activities for nitrogen oxide emission reduction

Roslyakov P.V., MPEI(TU)

The main advantages of this group of activities are their simplicity and no need to carry out reconstruction of the furnace-burner units. These activities can be conducted by the operational staff of TPP or alignment organization at oil-gas boilers and to a lesser degree – at coal-fired boilers.

A complex of the regime activities is shown in Fig. 1.2 which demonstrates the change in the concentrations of NOх and СО as a function of excess air (more precisely, the oxygen concentration in the combustion products of the combustion chamber). Low Excess Air - LEA

One of the most common and easily implemented regime measures aimed at reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions is Low Excess Air in the furnace. As a result of reducing the oxygen content in the flame is suppressed formation of thermal and fuel NOх, and, therefore, this measure can be applied at combustion of all types of fossil fuel.